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Last update 2013.11.17

2013.11.17 - Installation

Moscow Biennale - Imaginary Dwelling

2012.08.02 - Installation

Sydney Biennale - Cockatoo Island - Building 138 - Source

2012.05.11 - Video

Wallpaper Part I

2012.02.12 - Installation

Varley Art Gallery, Markham - Shadow Player

2012.02.12 - Papercut


2012.02.03 - Papercut


2012.01.22 - Photo


2012.01.22 - Photo


2012.01.22 - Photo


Artists residency at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC)

(Dawson City, Yukon, Canada - January 12 to January 27, 2012) I have been invited by artist/instructor, Veronica Verkely, from the Yukon School of Visual Arts to visit the art school, present workshops to her students and attend the residency. For many days, the temperature at Dawson City dipped below minus 40 degrees Celsius. It became all the more thrilling to be here. The extreme conditions, awe-inspiring landscape filled with ice and snow and near-deserted town make for one surreal experience. I worked in the studio making drawings but needed to engage with the elements and nearby landscape. There is little I can do out-of-doors except to take photographs. The killer low temperature made even this seemingly simple task nearly impossible to complete. Ether my fingers and hands quickly became painfully numb or the camera shutter refused to function. Sporting a pocket warmer, I continue my attempts to capture in my work, the sense of the otherworldly that Dawson City offered.

Sydney Biennial

Some exciting news, co-curators Catherine de Zegher and Gerald McMaster, have invited me to participate in the upcoming Sydney Biennial which will take place in June, 2012. For the Biennial, I am working on a very large paper-based installation. The concept of the work draws from Inuit, Chinese as well as western mythologies. This major project includes some really inspiring collaborative opportunities and I will provide an update in the near future.